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Paid, Owned, and Earned Media

"Content marketing is not a campaign, it's like a marathon" - Joe Pulizzi

Content marketing is not like your other marketing campaigns, it is a way to connect to your audience on a higher level that builds stronger connections and loyalty. The point isn't to just produce quantitative content but to focus on quality with smart distribution. With that being said;

let's dive deep!

Paid Media

  1. Search Engine Optimization: crucial to ranking on search engines like Google to rank higher than your competitors

  2. Advertisements: allows your brand to reach a wider of an audience to create awareness and desire towards your brand, product or service

  3. Promotions: investment pushes your brand's message to communicate more effectively and efficiently

  4. Sponsorships: ensures that potential customers will give your brand a consideration through the influencers and the brand ambassadors they follow who also work for you (Learn more here)

Owned Media

  1. Website Content: content that was built into your brand's website - all of this content is owned by your brand & its' goal should always be to provide value to your customer by giving them the best user experience possible

  2. Social Media Content: includes everything from your posts, stories, captions, highlights, bio, and everything in between

  3. Email Marketing: content that gets sent out to your mailing list - its purpose should be to ask your audience to take an action on something whether that is to purchase a product, make an appointment or leave a review on their recent purchase

  4. Blog: creative content on your website that builds a relationship between your brand and your customer to increase the amount of loyal customers your brand has

Earned Media

  1. Word of Mouth: in my opinion, the most important way of marketing - your audience wants to hear from other customers instead of your brand because your customers know that your brand's goal is to profit, while word of mouth is seemed to be more genuine and relatable to your potential customers

  2. Reviews: allows your potential customers to research and understand if your product is worth it and if they should complete their transaction or should reconsider

  3. Testimonials: think of this as references on a resume - it shows your potential customers what their experience was with your service

  4. Re-shares on Social Media: encouraging your audience to share your posts on social media allows you to reach a wider of an audience and increases awareness. It encourages more people to check out your brand and see what you have to offer on this big world of competition and digital media

Lastly, I will leave you all with this:

Did you know that 69% of business-to-consumer brands actually saw an increase in their business after utilizing content marketing strategies on their social media platforms, while only 5% of these surveyed brands reported a decrease?

Hope this helps you small business owners and as always you can contact me for more topic ideas or questions on my Instagram account @miss_feyza .

Good luck!

- Feyza

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