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Content Curation, SEO, and Optimizing Landing Pages

Content Curation

Even though creating the content might seem like the most important part of content marketing, curating the actual content is just as important. There are multiple reasons why the content should be curated:

  1. Free content: Even though it is very important to share credible content, your audience will care more about the valuable content you provide rather than the source that information came from. Your audience will appreciate the free valuable content that you provide.

  2. Value to your audience is just as important as the creative process! Your audience might not have the time to do their own research or might not be interested in the research process. Because of this, each content must give some type of value that will solve the reader's problem or answer their questions.

  3. Influencers are very important! Influencers will appreciate the content you share because it will also help them as well.

  4. Your employees are your brand ambassadors! The CEO of a brand can talk about the content as much as he/she wants, however, the audience will appreciate the words of the employees more than the CEO.

Fun Fact: 25% of your content marketing practices should come from curated content.

The SEO Process: Market-Driven

The goal of an SEO is to increase rankings on the search engine, to increase branding, and to increase sales. The result of this process will gain a greater marketing efficiencies.

  1. Website Audit: Each website owner must conduct a website audit on a continuous basis to ensure that the website is up to date, functional, and desirable.

  2. Keyword Research: The posted content must have clear keyword that needs to be promoted on the search engine to ensure that the page is ranking high on these search engines like Google and YouTube.

  3. Organic Keyword Optimization: These keywords must be organically optimized in order to be ranked high on the search engines. Investing into ads might help the brand get their voices out onto the world but it isn't sustainable in the long run.

  4. Search Engine and Directory Submission: It is critical for website owners to submit their information into the search engine by optimizing their website as well as submitting their information to any directory available that is relevant to its industry.

  5. Link Building Strategy: These strategies include internal and external links that might link to another page within the website or to an external website on the search engine.

  6. Ongoing Management to Ensure Success: Website management team should also be continuously updating the website to ensure there is growth of ranking, branding, and sales to the company.

Why Optimizing Landing Pages is Important:

Landing pages show visitors what they want to see not the entire website. It is specific to that visitor's interest.

- Landing pages increase conversion

- Landing pages show the visitor a clear call to action

- Landing pages show unity between keyword and advertisements through the search engine

How to Optimize a Landing Page:

  1. Include a USP (unique selling proposition) at the header of your landing page.

  2. Ensure that each text on the landing page shows a benefit to the visitor.

  3. Include testimonials on page.

  4. Design, colors, and images on the landing page should be well organized, clear, and visually attractive.

  5. There should be a logo on the landing page to show security to the visitor, especially if it is a website that receives payments

  6. A landing page should include deals, discounts, or coupons.

  7. Buttons should be clear and visually attractive to increase conversion and sales.

Source: Blue Focus Marketing

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