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How to: Source Your Content

We know that content marketing is very crucial for each and every brand but how are we supposed to source our content? There are different ways that you can source your content to share with your audience but today I want to tell you about the difference between utilizing influencers and brand ambassadors as well as the difference between utilizing an advertising agency or using in house creations done by yourself or employees.

Influencers vs Brand Ambassadors

We hear these words way too often but many people do not always use these terms correctly. So let's quickly recap.

Influencers are social media / digital creators who show their audience how to use a product and promotes that product or service on their platform. Influencers are typically hired for short-term promotions because the influencer wants to focus on their own platform more than they focus on your brand.

Marketing managers should use these questions as a guide to choose the right influencers before they hire just anyone:

  • Does the influencer produce high quality content?

  • How are their engagement? Are their audience interacting with the content the influencer is producing?

  • Does the influencer have a presence across multiple social media platforms or do they only focus on one? Is there a reason for it?

  • Are they recognized as an "expert" in the industry and are they a fit for this specific product?

Brand Ambassadors on the other hand are hired for long-term promotions. These are the people that use the brand's products and services more than just once or twice. Some reasons why a brand might want to hire a brand ambassador is because this person:

  • Knows your brand

  • Knows, understands, and agrees with your mission

  • Knows the customer's language and what they are passionate about

  • Uses personal branding to promote the product

Advertising Agencies vs In-house Content Creations

Even though in-house content creations can be more affordable, sometimes it is much more convenient to hire an advertising agency to source your content. Here are some pros and cons for each sources. Think about which of these applies to your brand or which can be opportunities that your brand should look into.

Advertising Agencies are agents or freelancers who work with your brand to promote your products and services to get you the highest results.


  • Professional content

  • Quality content


  • Agency might not be up to speed with your brand

  • Training takes time

  • Sharing sensitive info could lead to privacy issues for your brand

  • Might become expensive

In-house Creations are creative content produced internally by the owner of the brand in self-employed cases or through employees of the brand.


  • Efficient and fast

  • Employees know the brand

  • The brand knows its employees

  • No privacy issues


  • Employees or the self employed might not have the right skills

  • Could be distracting from the employee's main job responsibility

Now that you know the difference between these four options, you can look through your brand's needs and make a decision depending on which of these option(s) make sense to your specific brand and would drive the highest results to you.

Good luck and check back soon with more information focused on digital marketing.

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