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Marketing During COVID-19 with 7 Steps

Small businesses have taken a huge hit during COVID-19. Marketing right now is key for every business more than anything else.

According to The Washington Post, over 100,000 small businesses shut down only within two months after the country went into lockdown.

Here are seven tips on what your company should be doing right now.

  1. Do not just cut spending: Instead, spend wisely to get your message to your audience. Make smart decisions and prioritize what absolutely needs to be paid for. Increase your voice of empathy throughout your platforms and your website. It is crucial for your audience to feel they are cared about by their favorite brands because it shows them that your brand is there for them through thick and thin. Focus on what is relevant to your audience.

  2. Programs like Zoom are here to stay: Take advantage of them! Not as many employees will go back to their desk job, when there is an opportunity to work from home!

  3. Leveraging social media: In times like this, social media and digital marketing is absolute key! Use strategies like video marketing and storytelling to build long-term relationships and to inspire your clients to take action.

  4. Keep up!: Everything in the digital world is constantly changing and you don't want to be the T-Rex, if you know what I mean 😂 If you're confused, read this post that covers the T-Rexes and Octopuses of the digital world.

  5. Understand the changing behaviors of consumers: Even though many businesses opened back up, there are still hundreds of thousands of businesses that are only operating online and focusing on their e-commerce. Customers are shopping online and not risking being out. Understand your audience's behaviors and inspire them to build a relationship with your company.

  6. Be flexible: Evolve with the changing patterns of the digital world, understand that your marketing strategies will never always stay the same. Try new things and be flexible to understand what works best.

  7. Be a person: To build long-term relationships and to create loyal customers, your audience needs to see you as a person and not a brand that only has interest in the customer's purchase decisions. Create and brand a voice for your company through social media and your digital platforms.

I hope that these tips were helpful and as always, you can contact me with questions or topic requests on my instagram @miss_feyza.

Good luck!




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