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The Ideal Content Marketing Team

No matter how big or small your company is, there should always be a marketing department, whether it is run by one person who might even be the owner of the company or by a marketing team. In the digital world that we live in, every company should invest their time and effort into ensuring that their marketing department is running smoothly, especially on digital platforms.

Here is what an ideal marketing team should look like:

  • Chief Content Officer (CCO): the leader of the group

  • Content Designer: focuses on customer experience by understanding the different platforms

  • Content Curator: creates exposure and finds valuable external content

  • Search Engine Optimization: optimizes search engine rankings to bring in new potential customers

  • Publisher: ensures deadlines are met and manages the editorial calendar

  • Channel Manager: identifies the right content for the right audience at the right platform

  • Content Creator: creates high quality content that have value

  • Content Editor: ensures that content creators are producing high quality content

However, this is not realistic for smaller businesses or start-up companies. So, in this blog post, I will go over the few positions that I personally think are the most important and cannot be ignored. Keep in mind that each company's marketing priorities might be different, this is just my opinion on a generic small company.

Chief Content Officer

Without this position, everything else will fall apart. This position can be managed by the CEO of the company in small businesses or could be merged with another position like Channel Manager, Search Engine Optimization or Content Curation. All of these three positions can be fulfilled by the CCO because it requires managerial work that should be prioritized.

Content Creator

Without a content creator, there is no content to be published. Without content to be published, there is no point of a marketing team. This position is the basic foundation of the rest of the marketing practices and cannot be dismissed. In the cases of low marketing budget and start-up businesses, the content creator can take on the content curation responsibilities of marketing efforts. Content curation is the process of finding new external content to create exposure to a newer audience and can be merged with content creation.

Content Designer

Content designing should also be prioritized because with the crazy competition that businesses have on social media and the digital world, the design of the published content has to connect to the audience. Without great design, followers and engagement will slow down and eventually start to decrease.

In the case of smaller businesses, it can be overwhelming to look at an ideal marketing team list, but businesses should always work smarter and not harder to get to their goals. Each company should be looking at their industry, their specific brand, and then making a decision on what roles need to be prioritized and which ones can hold off until when the company is ready to bring on another person.

I hope that this helped and taught you something that you can incorporate into your business.

Good luck!

- Feyza

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