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The Power of Storytelling through Visual Content

Did you know that visuals like photos, videos, and gifs process about 60,000 times faster than any other marketing strategy? 🤯 🤯 🤯

The reason why visuals process so much faster is because it is easy for your audience to understand what is going on simply by looking at the content instead of reading paragraphs of your caption to try to stay concentrated on what you are saying.

Another reason why visuals are essential is that visuals connect you to your audience with the power of storytelling. Storytelling is one of the oldest ways of marketing that still works in our day. Through storytelling, your audience will feel emotions, be entertained or find meaning within the content that allows them to build a longer relationship with your brand.

You can tell a story and get your message across to your audience through your video content which can be accomplished by two different fundamental strategies:

  1. Temporary Platform: these are videos that eventually disappear very quickly like live streaming on social platforms. While your brand is live streaming, it should also provide some type of value to its viewers - yes, entertaining them is also considered to be a value 😊 It could be a live stream of something fun and entertaining or about your product or service like tutorials or "q and a" sessions. 🤳🏼

  2. Fixed Fixed Content: these are the videos that can be stored as long as the creator wants it to stay up on their platform. For example, they can be shared on the stories feature through different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat which disappears after a twenty-four hour periods. Fixed fixed content can also be shared through your newsfeeds and through platforms like YouTube which keeps the content live until the creator disables or deletes it. 📺

Lastly, we know that quality is more important than quantity. So while you are creating visual content for your audience, always keep these three key questions in your mind:

☁️ Does the content align with your brand?

☁️ Does it relate and align with your mission, vision, and


☁️ Does the content provide any type of value to its


As always, I hope that this was helpful for your brand and that you learned something new about marketing that you can incorporate to your business.

Good luck!

- Feyza

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