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Website Launch: Feels + Analytics

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

WOW! I am honestly still in shock that I launched my website! While I've been enjoying the launch, I'm also super excited about the things that I have been planning (more info coming soon)!

It all just feels unreal to me because I waited so long to start creating content so here is your friendly reminder to do something that you've been thinking about doing because you will feel so much lighter once you do it!

I promised I would share my analytics, so here we go!


You guys have visited my website for over

220 times and 140 of those visitors were UNIQUE - meaning one-hundred-and-forty different people have seen my website.


A hundred eighty of these total visitors came from a mobile device so now I will make sure my mobile view looks poppin' for you guys!

OK so the most fun part of these analytics is the location of my visitors which were obviously mostly NJ, but I also had a ton of people from all over the world like China and I don't know anyone from China so it was interesting to see that google was some how pushing my website out to people around the world! I had a lot of my family and friends in Turkey check out my website as well but also random states that I don't know anyone from like Texas, Wyoming, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. This is seriously all crazy to me! How are these people finding my site?? I'm not in any way complaining but I'm just so thankful and excited!


My first blog post was viewed 34 times and 16 of the viewers were unique! The blog post went over why I started a new journey and if you haven't read it yet, you can catch up here!

I was shocked to find out that the majority of the visitors were through search meaning - people actually took their time to search missfeyza.com on their search engine! Instagram was actually the least source of visitors which is very weird because I have been mostly promoting my website on my Instagram account.

I know that these numbers aren't high to your well-known Instagram influencers or your most popular YouTubers - obviously - but I am so thankful that I have been able to make this possible for myself with the support of my family and friends who are 100000% always there for me.

Shout out to my dad for being my #1 fan 🥺

Now I'm rambling and getting a lil' emotional so I'll cut that part short but just know that I am so thankful for every single one of these visitors and every single one of you who are reading this post, following me through this journey on YouTube and Instagram.

Thank you!

talk to you soon.



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